National Crystal Day takes place annually on April 25.


National Crystal Day™ was founded in 2019 by Dana Miller and Deb McQueary, the owners of Azonia, a crystal shop located in Medford, NJ. National Crystal Day is a day to celebrate our shared love for crystals, rocks, and minerals. Whether you are into the metaphysical properties of crystals, a rock hound with a passion for new finds from the mines, or a jewelry maker with an appreciation for stones, today is a day to appreciate nature’s wonders. 


Join in on the National Crystal Day celebration by sharing your appreciation for nature’s treasures. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Share a picture of your crystal collection or favorite crystal on social media using #NationalCrystalDay
  • Add a new crystal to your collection
  • Gift a crystal to a friend
  • Explore nature and find new specimens
  • Research a stone that you’ve never seen before
  • Make a piece of jewelry or art featuring crystals
  • Meditate with your favorite crystal
  • Create a crystal grid to send positive energy into the world


For more information about National Crystal Day or how to organize an event near you, please reach out to hello@azoniashop.com!

We’ll be hosting a National Crystal Day event at Azonia for anyone who is local!